EAP for SJ SIG: What We’re About

Following on from our first webinar, in which we laid out the rationale for our SIG’s existence and heard from participants regarding which areas of social justice they felt were most pressing with regard to EAP, we invite you to post your reflections on the following questions in the comments section below: What do youContinue reading “EAP for SJ SIG: What We’re About”

Precarity reflections

– Michèle le Roux – In her recent piece in the THES, Rachel Moss suggests that “precarity…[is] as much a state of mind as a state of employment.” She shares her own and others’ experience of the lasting toll that precarity takes on the mind, even for those who do eventually find more secure employmentContinue reading “Precarity reflections”

A ‘safe space’ in ‘cyberspace’? Refugee students in synchronous online EAP classes

– Aleks Palanac – The argument for classrooms to be set up as physically and viscerally safe spaces for refugee students and others who have experienced potentially traumatic events is not new (e.g. Horsman, 2004; Kerka, 2002), and the application of this work to English language learning contexts is beginning to gain more momentum andContinue reading “A ‘safe space’ in ‘cyberspace’? Refugee students in synchronous online EAP classes”