Assessment for Social Justice: A joint EAP4SJ and TAFSIG interview with Dr Jan McArthur


In this first ever joint SIG interview by Jo Kukuczka, Jan McArthur, author of ‘Assessment for Social Justice:  Perspectives and practices within higher education’, shares her thoughts on:

1. Why assessment for social justice?
2. What is the key to the justice of assessment?
3. What is assessment that promotes greater social justice?
4. What is the way forward, especially in the EAP context? And what are the key take-aways for EAP practitioners?


Published by EAP 4 Social Justice SIG

What is the EAP for Social Justice SIG? Welcome to the website for BALEAP's EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Group! This SIG is intended to provide a forum for EAP practitioners to discuss, deepen their understanding of, and address concerns related to, social justice within and around EAP, whilst also broadening and strengthening the evidence-base of the impact that social justice initiatives can make in this field. Through bringing this often-sidelined area into the spotlight and examining the knowledge, skills and values that a social justice lens can contribute to EAP, this SIG aims to encourage more EAP students, practitioners and managers to take action and play their part in fulfilling the vision of the university as the “critic and conscience of society”.

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