Social Justice perspectives informing academic language and literacy pedagogies  – call for bloggers, vloggers, writers and speakers

Dear all,

In light of the ongoing calls to examine the nature, the impact and the lack of diversity implicit in using English as a Global Language as well as increasing  awareness of social justice in academic language and literacy, we would like to open a call for bloggers, vloggers, writers, speakers to explore the theme of ‘Emerging voices: Social Justice perspectives informing academic language and literacy pedagogies’.

We hope that the series will provide a space for exploration and reflection for practitioners coming to academic language and literacy from a variety of perspectives, including EAP, Academic Literacies, ELT, EFL, ESOL  or TESOL. We hope that by making new voices heard we will contribute to change, share practice across our disciplines and make social justice issues visible in our teaching, scholarship and research.  We are specifically interested in, although not limiting the call to, the following sub-themes: 

  • intersectional discrimination and language teacher identity 
  • whiteness
  • rhetoric around “Native-Speakerism” and “Non-Native Speakerism”
  • intercultural communication issues and international students 
  • discrimination and exploitation of Global Englishes or World Englishes
  • the impact of using English as Lingua Franca
  • LGBTQI teachers’ identities
  • the EAP practitioner perspective (with particular focus on practitioners from marginalised or underrepresented groups)
  • the EAP student perspective (with particular focus on students from marginalised or underrepresented groups)
  • decolonising the curriculum 

We are inviting these types of contributions: 

  • a blog 
    • a short read of under 1000 words or a long read of over 1000 words; the blog posts should be reflective and constructive in nature, pointing to possibilities and potential solutions; 
  • a vlog 
    • a 5 minute lightning talk supported by visual aids and aimed as shedding new perspectives and stimulating reflection on the suggested sub-themes.
  • a webinar presentation 
    • a 20 minute talk based on either personal/professional experience or a piece of academic research; a talk can be presented by a single or multiple speakers;  
  • a short interview 
    • based on either personal/professional experience or a piece of academic research;

We are particularly interested in receiving proposals from early career teachers and researchers without a full-time permanent job or in precarious employment as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students studying for English Language-related degrees and interested in social justice issues.

If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch to discuss your proposal through one of the following ways:

Published by EAP 4 Social Justice SIG

What is the EAP for Social Justice SIG? Welcome to the website for BALEAP's EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Group! This SIG is intended to provide a forum for EAP practitioners to discuss, deepen their understanding of, and address concerns related to, social justice within and around EAP, whilst also broadening and strengthening the evidence-base of the impact that social justice initiatives can make in this field. Through bringing this often-sidelined area into the spotlight and examining the knowledge, skills and values that a social justice lens can contribute to EAP, this SIG aims to encourage more EAP students, practitioners and managers to take action and play their part in fulfilling the vision of the university as the “critic and conscience of society”.

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